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Price Guide for American and European Period Frames

This is the first and only price guide with Retail Replacement valuations for American and European antique frames.

For the price of $795, the purchaser will also receive two complimentary verbal antique frame appraisals from Eli Wilner & Company, normally priced at $500 each. Ongoing updates with updated prices and scholarly information are included in the purchase. This volume is only available as an eBook.

Eli Wilner & Company is pleased to share this collection of frame images, along with brief descriptions and retail pricing, as a reference tool for collectors, museum professionals, academic scholars, appraisers, and other members of the trade. All prices are based on actual retail frame sales from the Eli Wilner & Company gallery, and featured at the head of each section is an example of a paid invoice for a recent sale of a relevant period frame.

The first edition of Eli Wilner’s Antique American Frames Identification and Price Guide, written with Mervyn Kaufman, was published in 1995 by Avon Books, with a second edition released in 1999. Since that time, considerable effort has been made by frame dealers and historians, as well as art dealers, museum curators, and auction house professionals toward expanding knowledge of various aspects of historically-accurate framing and frame conservation.

This version of the pricing guide encompasses a broader range of frame periods and styles to present a more collective showcase, including European frames. The ability to utilize an eBook format also offers the user quick access to supplemental information on specified sub-topics from highly respected resources and colleagues.

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Frame Restoration

Eli Wilner & Company is the leading frame restoration expert. We are a preferred provider for both AXA and Chubb fine art insurance, and we have been chosen to perform frame restorations for the most prestigious public and private art collections. Eli Wilner & Company has completed hundreds of complex antique frame restorations for private collectors and public institutions. Increasingly, curators, dealer, collectors, and aficionados embrace the aesthetic and historical value of antique frames. With a 10,000 square foot studio, the Wilner expert carvers, gilders, and mold-makers are able to complete a remarkably wide range of projects, including those that smaller studios cannot accommodate.

Recent years have seen a revolution take place in the way the antique frame is perceived. As awareness of the antique frame as an important decorative object in its own right increases, curators, collectors, and dealers are re-evaluating their views. This includes mounting exhibitions, presenting symposiums and carefully considering issues of frame conservation and restoration.

According to The New York Times article Letting the Frame Speak for the Artist, “Mr. Wilner, the framer, said his restoration work had increased five-fold during the last year, as museums with tight budgets for new acquisitions concluded that this was ‘an economical way to dress up their collections.’”

Read the full article here

The value and importance of antique frames

In the forty years that he has spent in picture framing, Eli Wilner’s approach has stressed the historical accuracy of matching the appropriate picture frame with the artist’s time period and tastes. Through extensive art historical research in major institutions we have determined where prominent artists have expressed framing preferences. The artists realized that the frame was an important marketing tool as well as an aesthetic statement.

Whatever the source may be for this style of frame, it is clear that throughout art history, artists, dealers, and collectors agree on the necessity and purpose of a proper frame. Although the frame is the protector, the enhancer, the projector of light and the edge that adds both value and visual importance to the painting, it should not compete with it. The frame separates the work from the total environment- light source, wall color, room size, and competing objects- and creates a visual effect of its own, which, if done properly, enriches the work of art. The frame’s highest value is its effect on the viewer’s perception of the painting.

Eli Wilner honored by Historic Charleston Foundation

The Historic Charleston Foundation honored Eli Wilner & Company with the Samuel Gaillard Stoney Conservation Craftsmanship Award, for its work in historic frame conservation.  More


Delaware Freeport, LLC and Eli Wilner & Company are pleased to announce an exclusive collaboration providing high quality storage, transport and crating.  Please call our office for more information on how you can benefit from this opportunity.


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