Gallery Services


Unlike conventional reproduction frames, the precise antique replica frames made by Eli Wilner & Company are created by craftsmen with over 160 years of combined experience, who make use of the old-world techniques of carving and gilding with unmatched skill. Within our 11,000 square foot studio, we undertake a remarkably wide range of projects, including those that smaller studios cannot undertake. No frame design is generated in quantity, no replicas are made from copies, and each frame is made one at a time, with great care and artistry. Each frame selection is made by drawing upon our inventory of over 3,500 antique frames, and art-historical expertise regarding period-appropriate styles. Carved frames and those with applied ornament are all carefully crafted and then meticulously gilded and patinated to emulate the effects of age. The result: a frame that has all the charm and beauty of an antique.


Eli Wilner & Company specialists are highly attuned to each client’s particular needs.

Eli Wilner & Company takes special care to accommodate demands beyond basic framing and installation services, such as expedited production and delivery, on-site cosmetic frame restoration, general collection review to assess the condition of frames, and unfitting and refitting artworks to assist a photographer or conservator. Eli Wilner & Company is a longtime preferred provider to both AXA and Chubb, and renowned for their methods that reduce risk factors to artworks, frames, and other associated property.


Eli Wilner & Company is able to provide you with the finest picture installation team in the country. Being fully insured and with years of experience, skill, and respect for the art they handle, our team has gained the trust and appreciation of collectors and museums alike. We have installed art by Degas, Van Gogh, Cézanne, and Matisse in various private collections and museums such as the Warner Collection in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and the National Academy of Design in New York City. We can install anywhere in the country or for that matter, the world.


Paintings and drawings by Van Gogh, Cassatt, Homer, O'Keeffe, and Matisse are but a few of the artists whose work has been fit into period or replica frames by our skilled staff. We use archivally correct methods and materials to insure the proper handling and fitting of your art. We can provide special protective glazing, the museum recommended glass that is shatter resistant, UV filtering and anti-reflective.

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Eli Wilner & Company nameplates are hand-shaped in basswood, and then gilded and toned to precisely match the color and surface of the frame to which they will be affixed. After preparing the plate, the lettering is done by hand in ink by a calligrapher.

Nameplate made for Brown University in 2007