Frame Appraisals

1. We offer appraisals based on photographs for insurance and donation purposes. The value quoted will reflect retail replacement prices. This also serves the valuable purpose of having a price identification for your knowledge.

2. Eli Wilner personally appraises each frame.

3. We will send back a signed written appraisal by US Mail. If an e-mail response is required, please check the appropriate box.

4. Payment in full is required before the appraisal is commenced.

Legal Proceedings:
Eli Wilner & Company offers expert frame opinions for legal proceedings, including analysis of frame condition, valuation of loss, etc. For more information please contact the gallery.

Rates for legal proceedings:

$2,500 for a letter of expert opinion.

$5,000 per day for depositions.

$5,000 per day for trial testimony.

Please Contact Us for more information or click the image link below for our Frame Appraisal Application Form.