Sotheby's Preview Magazine Feature

Page 72 of the March/April 2007 issue of Sotheby's Preview Magazine

I am very attracted to Harbour of Trieste made by Egon Schiele in 1907 [French & Company].

It is an extraordinary tour de force by a brilliant artist. The way that Schiele was able to contrast his decorative drawing of the reflections in the water with the near-academic treatment of the boats is compelling.

I would choose to enhance this work with a 17th-century Spanish frame with a round form and gold line that we refer to as the 'Schiele frame', as we have successfully used it on several Schiele drawings and paintings in the past.

Eli Wilner stands with a frame

Eli Wilner is founder of Eli Wilner & Company, Inc. a New York City art gallery that specializes in 19th-20th-century American & European frames.