New York

By Carolyn Murnick

"Occupying two floors of a quaint neighborhood brownstone, Eli Wilner & Company is one part gallery, one part workshop, and all about the frame.
Owner and CEO Eli Wilner has made a name for himself as a collector, restorer and dealer of European and American antique and vintage frames from the 17th to 20th centuries, and has supplied frames to grand institutions like the Met and the White House.

Art aficionados and antiques enthusiasts come here for the perfect gilded-wood, vintage oak, or Dutch tortoiseshell frame for their Monet or Renoir.
Some even purchase frames to hang empty, as objets d’art. The store also creates one-of-a-kind replicas of period frames, and offers picture fitting services.
And for the ironic folk, or those who seek to match their entertainment with their furniture suite, Wilner designs antique-style frames for the most ubiquitous modern accessory:

The plasma screen TV. Hang that on your wall and watch it."

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