Antique Frame Replicas Selection

“ Before I start painting, I get a frame, then I saw my masonite board to fit the frame –
I always thought it a good idea to build the sty before getting the pig – the frame should always blend with the painting for best effect.”
Grandma Moses

Unlike conventional reproduction frames, the replica frames made by Eli Wilner & Company are created in much the same way as the original antique frames. Carved frames and those with applied ornament are all carefully composed and then meticulously gilded and patinated to emulate the effects of age.

No frame design is generated in quantity, no replicas are made from copies, and each frame is made one at a time, with great care and artistry. Calling upon the unparalleled inventory of over 3,000 original antique frames and art-historical expertise regarding period-appropriate styles the gallery is able to offer precise, faithful replicas, and to create unique objects.

The company is held in high regard by both institutions and private collectors for their expertise, the extensive inventory, and the superior quality of craftsmanship. This regard and confidence is evidenced by customers such as The White House, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Detroit Institute of Arts, Yale University Art Gallery and many private individuals.

Original frame design by Eli Wilner, carved and gilded

5. View of Nevis,
c. 1998

Original frame design by Eli Wilner, carved and gilded. Watercolor by Eli Wilner, View of Nevis, 1998, 13 3/4” x 16 5/8”.

6. Pablo Picasso,
Dora Maar Au Chat, c. 1941

Eli Wilner & Company replica of a 19th century Dutch style frame, shaped and stained wood with inner gilded ornament. For an oil painting by Picasso, sold at auction at Sotheby’s New York on May 3rd, 2006 for $95,216,000.