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The Gilded Edge book cover

The Gilded Edge
by Eli Wilner

The Gilded Edge, by Eli Wilner, is the first book to offer an in-depth look at America s legacy of exquisite period picture frames.
Studied and appreciated in Europe for many years, frame connoisseurship was neglected in America until Eli Wilner created this lushly illustrated celebration of the craft.
Reissued by Chronicle Books and updated by the author, this invaluable guide showcases frames as works of art through an array of insightful essays by art-world luminaries and a plethora of sumptuous photographs. 204 pages / full color / 12.3 x 10.3 x 1.3 inches.

Available at: Museum of Fine Arts, National Gallery of Art, Brooklyn Museum Shop, The Frick Collection, Art Institute of Chicago, Rizzoli, Kimball Art Museum, Winterthur Museum, The Museum Shop, Hunter Museum of Art, San Diego Museum of Art, Denver Art Museum, J Paul Getty Museum, Norton Simon Museum, Portland Art Museum, Peabody Essex Museum, Morse Museum of American Art, Eli Wilner directly and all fine book stores.

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Eli’s Notes on CBS (video)
Eli Wilner on CBS Sunday Morning discussing building a frame for the iconic painting of Washington Crossing the Delaware.

Bouguereau Frame (video)
Polly Sartori, Head of 19th Century European Paintings, Sotheby's New York, speaks about artist William Bouguereau, the popular myth of Cupid and Psyche and the Eli Wilner frame that was created for the Bouguereau painting.

Martha Stewart (video)
Featuring Eli Wilner discussing the creation of the Leutze frame for Washington Crossing the Delaware painting. Martha Stewart featuring Eli Wilner.